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Letting go and having fun at a real orgy.SWINGERS SEX PARTIES

Swingers sex parties for couples and bi-ladies only plus mixed singles and couples, where single gents are welcome, take place every weekend. Sex parties are held in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and all over the UK. Swingers party venues are often luxury homes with swimming pools and hot tubs, the perfect recipe for an orgy. You will rarely live more than an hour away from a great club night or sex party. See Venues page. Join today, and you could be having the time of your life in the next few days. How to join and what it costs.

The full details and address of each swingers party is on the events programme via the members login. A current hardcopy is also sent with your membership confirmation when you join Hedonism. Whether you have been Swinging before, or are newbies apprehensive about your first party, the perfect solution is Hedonism. The swingers party scene is friendly, considerate and respectful of relationships.


Hedonism UK is much more than just a swingers club or single party venue. Over the years, it has evolved into an umbrella organisation with a reputation for featuring all that is best in the swinging scene throughout the UK. Wherever you live, there is bound to be a regular house party or clubnight venue within easy reach, see dates and venues page.

Hedonism UK offers a wide choice of swingers parties and venues to suit every taste and age group, London and nationwide. Beware of the numerous contact sites and massage parlours offering sexual services masquerading as swingers clubs. That is not swinging! There are also hundreds of directory sites still featuring venues that are not genuine swingers clubs or ceased to exist years ago. They have no interest in making sure you enjoy a great sex party with genuine swingers at a real club or house party. Hedonism has a vested interest in ensuring that you do!

Join Today and you could be enjoying a Hedonism Swingers party this weekend.

Key benefits of Hedonism at a glance.


Swingers parties for Couples and Ladies Only mean exactly that! There are separate parties which welcome Single Gents. You have all the fun, with none of the hassle or disappointment of timewasters or no shows from contact sites. Parties and swingers club nights are held every weekend for up to 100 couples. Swing, socialise, chat, drink, dance, party and play, as much or as little as you like. Enjoy the company of like-minded, uninhibited couples and bi-ladies in the relaxed atmosphere of a swingers party. Act out your wildest sexual fantasies, on your own or with other members of Hedonism. The Ladies, most of whom are bisexual, are always in charge at a swingers party. This is the only way to play with genuine swingers who want to have FUN! No pressure, no hassle! Dress codes vary from smart casual & elegant, to sexy, see-thru and fetish.


Swingers Parties, where fantasy becomes realityHedonism UK offers singles the perfect opportunity to attend genuine swingers parties. You can have great fun, without wasting time and money on contact sites or dodgy gangbangs, which are not swingers parties. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Hedonism holds regular singles swingers parties in London and throughout the UK, where all single guys, females and couples are welcome. In order to ensure a balance between the sexes, advance booking is essential. Check FAQ 6 for advice and select your area from Venues page, so you know exactly which Hedonism swingers parties and club nights you can attend. Single gents may book in different female partners for any couples only sex parties.

Swingers parties and club events are very popular with single ladies, who love any excuse to dress up in their sexiest, kinkiest gear and party! Some Single ladies are as keen to meet like-minded partners for the swingers party circuit as you are. Be a social animal in the right environment! Take full advantage of all the singles club events and sex parties. We also feature a fabulous Swingers Party Hostess gallery, mostly bi-sexual females in the 20 - 40 age range, available to partner single gents to swingers parties.

Join Today and you could be enjoying a Hedonism Swingers party this weekend.

Key benefits of Hedonism at a glance.