Hedonism is not for everyone! You are about to join an exclusive scene. Study the rules and etiquette carefully before you decide to join. We are more interested in quality than quantity.

If you cannot adhere to the rules above, don't join! They exist to ensure that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves in a safe and pressure free environment, and are universally accepted.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations - Subscriptions are non-refundable after you have joined. This is to prevent abuse of the membership system by joining under false pretences or freeloading off the events programme. If you are joining as a couple, make sure you have discussed the scene carefully together, and that you are both in agreement. If you have to leave the country for any extended period, we will be happy to suspend your membership and re-activate it at any time, just notify us of your requirements.

Renewals - Your annual membership is automatically renewed, unless you wish to cancel, at a discounted renewal rate of £40 per couple or single. You will be sent a renewal reminder by email 2 weeks before your membership expires with the option to cancel. Tourist members are not offered automatic renewal and must re-apply.

In the event of a partnership split, the membership of the primary member, who paid the subscription, takes precedence over the partner. The primary member retains their membership, either as a single or couple with a new partner, and should re-register with a new username and password, just email us for instructions. If the secondary partner wishes to remain a member, they must join separately, either as a single or couple with a new partner.


If you wish to promote your swingers parties through the Hedonism events programme, please give us a month's notice. Phone or E-Mail us. We will then contact you and discuss all the salient points. Include your full names, address, phone number and maximum capacity (minimum 12 couples). Specify whether your swingers party is couples and ladies only, or mixed, (singles & couples). Give any other details we need to know e.g. Dress Code, Age Range, Physical & Personal Profile, Theme (swing-scene, fetish, nudist, Roman Orgies etc.). Members will normally contact you direct by phone or email, so you can be as selective as you like regarding numbers, personal profile, sexuality and age range, and agree any reasonable contribution towards costs. Find out more by going to the advertising your swingers party page.


Please do not abuse your host's hospitality, respect their property and their neighbours. Observe any No-Smoking areas & notices. Use the ashtrays and try not to dance and smoke at the same time, bare flesh burns very easily and not everyone likes it! Arrive, leave and park quietly, and do not obstruct resident's driveways. Even if you don't like someone be pleasant. If you are attracted to someone or would like to meet them again, introduce yourself, chat to them, have a drink, have a dance, and exchange phone numbers or visiting cards before you forget to do so. Remember, to protect your privacy, we do not pass on personal details of members. In every club there are groups and cliques. Remember that most of them joined as members who had never met before. It's possible to infiltrate any group with a little effort, just get to know someone inside it. If you want an introduction, ask a host. Be realistic however, just because every member of the club shares similar sexually liberated attitudes, it does not mean that every member is interested in you. Everyone has different tastes, even if you think that you are the most stunningly attractive, intelligent, irresistible and sexy person in the whole world!!

Please remember that parties are STRICTLY for INVITED HEDONISM MEMBERS ONLY. This is both for security reasons, and to prevent free loading and persona non grata. PHOTOS are essential to book into some parties and selective events. If you expect to be welcomed into member's private houses as their guests, it is natural to expect that you can be identified. Photos can only be seen by club organisers and swingers party hosts. Only snapshot, passport, photoscans or copies are required. They do not need to be sexy or revealing.

Security of your belongings is your responsibility, so if you are hosting a swingers party it is sensible to remove or lock any valuables away. If you are attending a swingers party ensure that you keep good care of any valuables or better still don't take them.