Swingers Party Hostesses & Companions Wanted

don1.jpgIf you are female,attractive, friendly, funloving, sexy, size 8 - 14, aged 21 - 49, thm_k2_1.jpgenjoy swinging and fancy being paid to party, please contact us. Most hostess work involves partnering some of our single gents to couples and ladies only parties. You may occasionally get requests to help co-host a party. You have complete discretion over what offers to accept and are under no obligation. You can decline any invitation from any client if it is not convenient, or they do not meet your criteria for approval. Being a Party Hostess is not a full-time job, but it can be fun and can, if you so choose, provide an additional option to your regular work. The level of participation you offer prospective clients are entirely for you to decide. We will feature your details on the hostess section of our private members site and events program, which is only available to our members via the login on our website. You must be reliable and able to travel independently. If interested, fill out the form below including at least two photos. We will be in touch to discuss any points you may have. Photos are essential, you cannot place a hostess advert without them. Facial features on your photos can be masked to protect your identity and discretion, if requested.