Party Venues Wanted

Swingers Party Venues Wanted

Swanley3.jpgWe are always looking for more swingers party venues, especially in or around London, Brighton, Bristol/Bath, Manchester, Midlands and Edinburgh. Hosts may request contributions up to £50 per couple plus a bottle each. We pay - You play! Regular swingers party hosts also get their renewal membership FREE. For further details please email us from the Contact Us Page with your name and phone number, or call 020 8575 2052 so that we can speak to you personally and discuss the arrangements in detail. We are especially interested in existing semi-formal groups who wish to expand their circle. Standard 3/4 bed semis or detached houses which are clean, warm and welcoming, easy to find and easy to park near, are popular for smaller parties of 10 - 20 couples. Upmarket homes and hosts with Pools or Jacuzzis for larger parties are especially sought after. Please note couples only swingers parties must be hosted by couples and the guest list does not have to be exclusive to Hedonism UK.