Club Rules

Club Rules

Like any club there are a few rules, T's and C's and small print. Surprisingly our small print is the same size as everything else as we believe that it should be so straight forward that it does not have to be small.

Hedonism is not for everyone! If you think that there is something in the rules that you cannot adhere to, don't join! They exist to ensure that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves in a safe and pressure free environment, and are universally accepted as swingers etiquette. You are about to join an exclusive scene. Study the rules and etiquette carefully before you decide to join. We are more interested in quality than quantity.

  • Relax and have fun.
  • Women are in ultimate control at all times and most are bi-sexual. Bi-females love to play together, straight males don't! It's a cruel, unfair world! If you can't handle this harsh reality, do not join!
  • Do not go to a party unless you are both on the same wavelength and equally up for it.
  • Do not take a 'Ticket' to a Couples party. A ticket is a passive date just to get you in. This creates male cruisers and voyeurs who many swingers resent. No-one has to swing or swap at a party, but it is assumed that you are both at least soft swingers willing to play together in a group environment.
  • Do not intrude on others action without invitation or consent, and never be pushy.
  • Be warned that 'No thanks' means 'No thanks', and do not pester. Be polite, friendly and sociable at all times.
  • Do not disturb the erotic atmosphere of the playrooms with loud or prolonged talk. Loud and prolongued orgasms are of course strongly encouraged.
  • Do not take hard drugs on any premises and please do not get drunk.
  • Do not abuse your hosts hospitality. Respect their property and their neighbours when parking, arriving and leaving.
  • Do not take photographs or cameras to any parties or events.
  • Observe the theme, dress code, personal and sexual profile of the party. Make an effort, don't be a bore.
  • Observe house rules of a swingers party (eg No Smoking areas). Do not eat, drink or smoke in the playrooms or bedrooms.
  • Be body-conscious, cleanliness is vital. Pay special attention to body odour, feet and erogenous zones.
  • Practice safe sex and use condoms if you swap partners. Take your own condoms unless you know they are provided by the hosts.
  • Single Gents must not arrive at a Couples & Ladies only party without a partner, and couples must arrive and leave together.
  • Arrive on time. Your hosts want to relax and enjoy themselves too, and not be door-hopping all night.
  • Neither HEDONISM nor a host can accept responsibility for any loss or damage.
  • Inform the hosts and club if someone causes a problem, can't take NO for an answer, or is objectionable in any way. Anti-social or inconsiderate behaviour is not tolerated in the scene.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations - Subscriptions are non-refundable after you have joined and your login account has been activated. This is to prevent abuse of the membership system by joining under false pretenses or freeloading off the events programme. If you are joining as a couple, please make sure you have discussed the scene carefully together, and that you are both in agreement. If you have to leave the country for any extended period, we will be happy to suspend your membership and re-activate it at any time, just notify us of your requirements.

Renewals - Your annual membership is auto-renewed, unless you wish to cancel, at a discounted renewal rate of £45 per couple or single. You will be sent a renewal reminder by email approx 2 weeks before your membership expires with the option to cancel. Tourist members are not offered automatic renewal and must re-apply.

In the event of a partnership split, the membership of the primary member, who paid the subscription, takes precedence over the partner. The primary member retains their membership, either as a single or couple with a new partner, and should re-register with a new username and password, just email us for instructions. If the secondary partner wishes to remain a member, they must join separately, either as a single or couple with a new partner.