About Us

We are Derek and Georgette and started swinging in the 70s.  In those dark days before the advent of mobiles and internet, communication between swingers was difficult and time-consuming. The whole scene was undergroundgeorgette4.jpg and could only be infiltrated by word of mouth or personal introductions.  Swingers parties were held on an impromptu basis without any communication or co-ordination between hosts.  You could wait weeks for a party and then, just like London buses, they all came along together on the same night, fragmenting attendance and compromising the success of some events.Comic-Terry.JPG

Pioneering swingers clubs like Nightshift were routinely raided by the vice squad for fun and local authorities were hostile to any organised on-premises clubs.  Due to some landmark cases and a relaxation in attitudes from the authorities after the Human Rights Act was adopted, the scene was able to flourish more freely. We decided to contact all the regular party hosts and swingers clubs we knew and compile a directory of hosts.  This enabled them to communicate with each other and co-ordinate party dates so as not to clash on the same night.  This resulted in much better organisation and bigger turnouts at each party or event.  We then started advertising in all the best swingers magazines and whatever other media would accept out rather risqué ads.  We produced a printed newsletter and events programme that all swingers could subscribe to and this gradually evolved into the Hedonism UK of today.

We are proud of what we achieved and pay special homage to all the pioneers of the first swingers clubs and parties, many of whom paid a high price, literally and metaphorically, for their maverick spirit in those early days.  Today's younger generation of swingers don't know just how lucky they are to have it all handed to them on a plate.  The quotation 'There is no gain without pain' is as applicable to swingers as any sports stars.  So now, just relax and have fun with a tour of our site, bringing you all the best throughout the UK in swingers clubs and parties.